Job Posting Description, Planetarium Show Presenter
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Pierce Middle School
Application Open: 03/24/2017, Filing Deadline: 08/03/2017
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 Job # Description
716 Planetarium Show Presenter
Regular School Day on an as needed basis
$11.50 per hour


Send resume and cover letter to: 
Mr. Gregg Williams, Planetarium Director
Pierce Middle School, 199 East 70th Street, Merrillville, IN  46410

  • Public Speaking, classroom experience, and/or experience working with youth
  • Interest in astronomy
  • Education or experience in astronomy, such as college course work, owning an amateur telescope, reading, etc.
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn basic seasonal constellations
  • Sufficient knowledge to answer astronomy questions form a school group
  • Experience with audio/visual equipment such as slide projectors, audio equipment, etc.
  • Experience with computer and application software (word processing and database)
  • Prepare the Theater, Waiting Area, Gift Shop, DigitalSky and show materials before each program.
  • Introduce, present and follow-up a planetarium program as prepared by the Planetarium Director.
  • Take attendance, collect payment and the permit for use of Planetarium from group leaders and send to appropriate person.
  • Operate Gift Shop and be responsible for clearing the cash register and depositing receipts for groups who use the gift shop.
  • Return the Theater, Waiting Area, Gift Shop, DigitalSky and show materials to the conditions needed for the next program scheduled.
  • Clerical work such as answering phone calls, voice mails and emails; assist with group reservations, mailing list maintenance, etc.
  • Work on bulletin boards and displays, help with promotional materials.
  • Assist Planetarium Director in planning and preparing programs.
  • Complete the requirements required by the school system in order to be able to substitute for the Planetarium Director if needed.
  • Other work as assigned by the Planetarium Director
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