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Kara Bonin, Principal
Merrillville Intermediate School
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Merrillville Intermediate
Application Open: 11/13/2020, Filing Deadline: 12/01/2020
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800 Certified EL Long Term Substitute
TITLE:                    Certified EL Long Term Substitute - Merrillville Intermediate School
                               December 1, 2020 - January 25, 2021

REPORTS TO:        Building Principal

JOB GOAL:            To fully implement instruction in the area of EL and related topics

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Fully Implement the Balanced Literacy Framework including but not limited to Guided Reading, Managed Independent Learning, Shared Reading, Writer’s Workshop, Word Study, and Read Aloud.
  2. Prepare and organize classroom conducive to the Balanced Literacy Framework.
  3. Learn, develop, and implement strategies and lessons.
  4. Participate in the coaching model in Balanced Literacy and Inquiry Mathematics with Instructional Coaches.
  5. Incorporate technology throughout instruction.
  6. Establish and maintain positive relationships with students, manage student behavior, establish rules and procedures in the classroom using classroom meetings, and implement PBIS.
  7. Create and/or administer state, district, school, and classroom assessments to evaluate student progress and create instructional lessons based on the data.
  8. Plan instructional lessons following the curriculum guidelines or requirements for the state of Indiana and Corporation.
  9. Implement MTSS framework, maintain data in student management system, provide interventions, and monitor student progress.
  10. Develop and maintain constructive and collaborative working relationships with other teachers, staff, and administrators. 
  11. Collaborate with Special Education Teacher(s), Title One/Remedial Teacher(s), and English Language Teacher(s) to provide accommodations and services written in the IEP, 504, and/or ILP.
  12. Establish and maintain regular parent-teacher communication through e-mail, phone calls, and/or written correspondence. 
  13. Participate in professional development to foster improved professional competence and higher achievement for all students
  14. Collaborate with school and district employees in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to improve overall teaching and learning. 
  15. Update all necessary records accurately and completely as required by laws, district policies, and school regulations
  16. Implement all corporation policies, strategies and programs as they relate to the Corporation and building.


  1. Valid State of Indiana teaching License for grade level and subject area,
    Ability to administer and interpret running records, 
    Knowledge of the Balanced Literacy Framework. Preference given to individuals with training and experience in full implementation,
    Willingness to work with Academic coach to implement research-based instructional practices in the classroom,
    Strong communication skills including written communication and the ability to convey information effectively and clearly to others,
    Strong interpersonal relations including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with teachers, administrators, and other staff members,
    Ability to problem solve, establish and maintain standard of pupil behavior needed to achieve a functional and effective learning atmosphere in the classroom,
    Knowledge of technology integration,
    Strong planning and organizational skills,
    Belief in “Kids First” philosophy.
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