Job Posting Description, Remedial Reading Temporary Certified Substitute
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Michelle Coughlin, Principal
Iddings Elementary
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Iddings Elementary
Application Open: 08/28/2020, Filing Deadline: 10/14/2020
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 Job # Description
800 Remedial Reading Temporary Certified Substitute
POSITION:                   Remedial Reading - Iddings Elementary School
                                    Temporary position through November 13, 2020 ( end date
                                     subject to change)
REPORTS TO:              Building Principal

JOB GOAL:                  To provide meaningful instruction in the area of Remedial Reading and related topics.



  1. Implement all corporation policies as they relate to the classroom.
  2. Direct and supervise the conduct of all students in the classroom.
  3. Requisition all prescribed instructional materials and supplies necessary to complete the academic year.
  4. Develop instructional objectives for each lesson concerning what students need and should learn and relate them to the course and state standards.
  5. Correlate learning activities with instructional objectives and with the maturity and academic level of the students.
  6. Establish and maintain parent-teacher communications when necessary through conferences and phone calls.
  1. Create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to each students’ emotional and behavioral development; one in which the students can develop a sense of worth and dignity.
  2. Candidate must have successful interview with the building Principal



  1. Appropriate State of Indiana license
  2. Reliability, good organization skills, and ability to work well with students, parents and staff.
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